1-1-1    Territorial extent of sovereignty and jurisdiction--Cessions to United States.

1-1-1.1    Retrocession of jurisdiction over federal enclaves--Indian lands excluded--Filing of documents--Document content--Agreement authorized.

1-1-2    Federal jurisdiction over previously acquired land--Prior grants confirmed--Reserved jurisdiction to serve process.

1-1-2.1    Concurrent federal and state jurisdiction over crimes on national park, memorial, and monument lands.

1-1-2.2    Vesting and duration of concurrent jurisdiction.

1-1-2.3    Acceptance of retrocession of exclusive federal jurisdiction.

1-1-2.4    Memoranda of agreement.

1-1-2.5    Concurrent federal jurisdiction--Federal Prison Camp.

1-1-3    Consent to land acquisition by United States--Acreage limit.

1-1-4    Jurisdiction of federally acquired land--Tax exemption.

1-1-5    Service of process on federally acquired land.

1-1-6    Consent to federal land acquisitions for conservation purposes--Reserved jurisdiction.

1-1-7    Appraisal and sale of county land to United States for conservation purposes.

1-1-8    Legislative power over federally acquired lands.

1-1-9    Map of federal acquisitions to be filed--Recording of evidence of title.

1-1-10    Land entry authorized to survey boundaries--Consent required to enter mine--Damage to property.

1-1-11    1-1-11. Repealed by SL 2006, ch 130, § 1.

1-1-12    Indian country--Assumption of jurisdiction.

1-1-13    Tribal referendum on jurisdiction of Indian lands--Notice of result to county commissioners--Failure to take referendum.

1-1-14    Resolution of county commissioners assuming jurisdiction--Contract for federal reimbursement of costs.

1-1-15    Prosecution of criminal offenses on Indian lands.

1-1-16    Indian hunting, trapping and fishing rights preserved.

1-1-17    Highways in Indian lands--Acceptance of jurisdiction.

1-1-18    Indian country--Assumption of jurisdiction.

1-1-19    Negotiation and acceptance of federal reimbursement of costs of jurisdiction.

1-1-20    Provisional repeal of prior assumption of jurisdiction of Indian lands.

1-1-21    Governor's proclamation required for assumption of jurisdiction.

1-1-22    Law defined.

1-1-23    Expressions of sovereign will.

1-1-24    Common law and law merchant applied--Evidence of common law.

1-1-25    When order or judgment of tribal court may be recognized in state courts.

1-1-26    Acceptance by state agencies or higher education facilities of matricula consular card as identification.

1-1-27    Legislature to authorize state or state agency transfer of title of real property to the federal government.

1-1-28    Exception to application of provisions of § 1-1-27.