01    State Sovereignty And Jurisdiction

01A    Unconstitutional Official Actions

02    State Boundary Adjustments

03    Congressional Districts

04    Tribal Relations [Repealed And Transferred]

05    Time And Dates

06    State Emblems

07    Governor

08    Secretary Of State

09    State Auditor

10    State Treasurer

11    Attorney General

12    State Constabulary

13    State Communications System

13A    Tie-Line Administration [Repealed]

14    Bureau Of Administration [Repealed And Transferred]

15    Department Of Corrections

16    Industrial Development Expansion Agency [Repealed]

16A    Health And Educational Facilities Authority

16B    Economic Development Finance Authority

16C    Agri-Business Development Authority [Repealed]

16D    Export Development Authority [Repealed]

16E    Value Added Finance Authority [Repealed]

16F    Superconducting Super Collider Authority [Repealed]

16G    Economic Development

16H    Science And Technology Authority

16I    South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority [Repealed]

16J    South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority

17    Advisory Public Lands Committee [Repealed]

18    South Dakota State Historical Society

18A    Bicentennial Commission [Repealed]

18B    History And Historical Records

18C    State Archives

18D    Omnibus Centennial Commission [Executed]

18E    Sale Of Symbolic Deeds To Promote State Centennial [Repealed]

19    Historic Sites And Monuments

19A    Preservation Of Historic Sites

19B    County And Municipal Historic Preservation Activities

19C    Historical Names

20    Archaeological Exploration

21    State Fair And Shows

22    Arts

23    Intergovernmental Cooperation [Transferred]

24    Joint Exercise Of Governmental Powers

24A    Private Consultants To State Agencies

25    Meetings Of Public Agencies

25A    Broadcast Announcements By Public Agencies

26    Administrative Procedure And Rules

26A    Publication Of Administrative Rules

26B    Termination And Legislative Review Of Administrative Rules

26C    Office Of Administrative Hearings [Repealed]

26D    Office Of Hearing Examiners

26E    Legislative Review Of State Agencies [Repealed]

27    Public Records And Files

28    Reports Of State Agencies [Repealed]

29    Emergency Location Of State Government

30    Emergency Interim Succession To Office

31    Commission On Human Relations [Repealed]

32    Executive Reorganization--General Provisions And Definitions

33    Department Of Executive Management

33A    Governor's Office Of Energy Policy [Repealed]

33B    Energy Performance Contracts

34    Department Of Public Safety [Transferred]

35    Department Of Commerce And Regulation [Repealed And Transferred]

36    Department Of Social Services

36A    Department Of Human Services

37    Department Of Labor And Regulation

38    Department Of Environmental Protection [Transferred]

39    Department Of Game, Fish And Parks

40    Department Of Environment And Natural Resources [Repealed And Transferred]

41    Department Of Agriculture And Natural Resources

42    Department Of Tourism [Repealed And Transferred]

43    Department Of Health

44    Department Of Transportation

45    Department Of Education

46    Department Of The Military

46A    Department Of Veterans Affairs

47    Department Of Revenue

48    State Cement Commission [Repealed]

49    State Public Health Laboratory

50    State Emergency Response Commission

51    Department Of Public Safety

52    Department Of Tourism

53    Governor's Office Of Economic Development

54    Department Of Tribal Relations

55    Obligation Recovery Center

56    State Board Of Internal Control