24-15A-1    Application of chapter.

24-15A-2    Definition of terms.

24-15A-3    Crimes committed after July 1, 1996.

24-15A-4    Repealed.

24-15A-5    Record of inmate conduct and infractions--Notice--Challenge to findings or sanctions--Investigation--Modification--Use of record.

24-15A-6    Sentence discharge dates--Jurisdiction over inmate.

24-15A-7    Status of inmate upon discharge--Certificate to inmate upon discharge or parole--Mailing to clerk of court.

24-15A-8    Early final discharge--Certificate of discharge.

24-15A-8.1    Partial early final discharge.

24-15A-9    Designation of hearing officers--Written recommendation.

24-15A-10    Designation of panels to conduct hearings--Final action.

24-15A-11    Parole and clemency--Concurrence by panel or board.

24-15A-11.1    Appeal of panel's decisions--Authority of panel.

24-15A-11.2    Review of denial of pardon recommendation.

24-15A-12    Parole hearings.

24-15A-13    Duties of executive director of board.

24-15A-14    File containing history of inmate--Purposes--Access to file.

24-15A-15    Parole.

24-15A-16    Determination of whether prior offense constitutes felony--Effect of determination.

24-15A-16.1    Suspended imposition of sentence--Effect on parole eligibility.

24-15A-17    Preparation for parole hearing.

24-15A-18    Concurrent sentencing--Determination of initial parole date.

24-15A-19    Consecutive sentencing--Determination of initial parole date.

24-15A-20    Consecutive sentencing--Parole eligibility.

24-15A-21    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 137, § 3.

24-15A-22    24-15A-22. Repealed by SL 2014, ch 116, § 16.

24-15A-23    Application for clemency.

24-15A-23.1    Eligibility for clemency.

24-15A-24    Restrictions on parolee--Bond--Restitution--Child support--Supervision fees.

24-15A-25    Parolee release--Necessities.

24-15A-26    Parolee release to other state--Supervision.

24-15A-27    Show cause parole revocation order.

24-15A-28    Revocation or modification of parole.

24-15A-29    Discretionary parole date on revocation--Conditions--Discretionary hearings.

24-15A-29.1    Parole date on revocation prior to release.

24-15A-30    Parole release of inmate requiring treatment.

24-15A-31    Modification of parole agreement.

24-15A-32    Department's establishment of initial parole date--Calculation of parole date--Certain crimes deemed violent for purposes of parole--Minimum time to be served--Parole eligibility.

24-15A-32.1    Withholding of parole eligibility of sex offender based upon history, treatment, and risk factors.

24-15A-33    Change in initial parole date.

24-15A-34    Individual program directives for inmates.

24-15A-35    Notification of inmate's substantive compliance, noncompliance, or undetermined compliance with program directive.

24-15A-36    Inmate to submit parole release plan.

24-15A-37    Parole agreement on conditions of supervision.

24-15A-38    Inmate release to parole supervision--Conditions.

24-15A-39    Hearing to determine compliance with parole release standards--Waiver of appearance--Determinations of board--Discretionary hearings.

24-15A-40    Right of review.

24-15A-41    Subsequent parole after hearing.

24-15A-41.1    Parole of inmate to custody of another state or federal jurisdiction.

24-15A-42    Procedural rules--Parole release standards.

24-15A-43    Repealed by SL 2012, ch 138, § 1.

24-15A-44    Effect of validity of chapter.

24-15A-45    Evidence-based practices targeting parolee's criminal risk and need factors.

24-15A-46    Training on evidence-based practices and criminal risk factors.

24-15A-47    Report on implementation of supervision practices and training.

24-15A-48    Response to violation of supervision conditions.

24-15A-49    Report of graduated sanction.

24-15A-50    Award of earned discharge credits.

24-15A-50.1    Additional earned discharge credits.

24-15A-51    Report of eligibility for award of discharge credits.

24-15A-52    Review of ineligibility determination.

24-15A-53    Report of parolees qualifying for earned discharge credits.

24-15A-54    Transfer to administrative financial accountability system.

24-15A-55    Eligibility for compassionate parole.

24-15A-56    Referral for compassionate parole hearing.

24-15A-57    Factors for consideration in determining grant or denial of compassionate parole.

24-15A-58    Release plan to ensure health care expenses will be paid by inmate or third party payer.

24-15A-59    Grant or denial of compassionate parole--Reconsideration--Removal from consideration.

24-15A-60    Inmate who reaches parole eligibility date or initial parole date not eligible for compassionate parole.

24-15A-61    Inmate granted compassionate parole subject to statutory requirements.

24-15A-62    Due process interest in compassionate parole not created--Decision of board final.

24-15A-63    Extended confinement.

24-15A-64    Promulgation of rules regarding compassionate parole.

24-15A-65    Inmate on compassionate parole ineligible for earned discharge credits.

24-15A-66    Effect of revocation of compassionate parole.

24-15A-67    Conditions of compassionate parole.

24-15A-68    Compassionate parole requirements not applicable to paroled inmate who reached initial parole date or parole eligibility date.