34-18-1    Definition of terms.

34-18-1.1    34-18-1.1. Repealed by SL 1986, ch 280, § 1.

34-18-2    Secretary responsible for safety and sanitation requirements--Bond not required--Additional compensation not provided.

34-18-3    34-18-3, 34-18-4. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 278, §§ 1, 2.

34-18-5    34-18-5. Repealed by SL 1971, ch 23, § 2.

34-18-6    Agreements between secretary of health and other agencies.

34-18-7    Employment of personnel by secretary--Local health departments as enforcement agents.

34-18-8    Deposit and accounting for money received.

34-18-9    License required to operate lodging or food service establishment or campground--Posting in conspicuous place.

34-18-9.1    Definition of terms related to bed and breakfast establishments.

34-18-9.2    Exemption for bed and breakfast establishment.

34-18-9.3    Registration of bed and breakfast establishment--Fee--Investigation of complaints.

34-18-9.4    Bed and breakfast establishment to maintain guest list and smoke detectors--Violation as misdemeanor.

34-18-10    Annual license required--Contents of application.

34-18-10.1    Review of application--Issuance or refusal to issue license--Reasons for denial--Contest of denial.

34-18-10.2    Notice--Closure order on failure to secure license--Injunctive relief.

34-18-10.3    Verification requirement for annual renewal of license.

34-18-10.4    Initial license fee for food service establishment, lodging establishment, and campground.

34-18-11    Annual fees for food service and lodging establishment licenses.

34-18-11.1    Annual campground license fee.

34-18-11.2    Annual fees for water recreational facilities.

34-18-12    34-18-12. Repealed by SL 1988, ch 279, § 1.

34-18-13    Prorated license fee for less than full year.

34-18-14    Issuance of license when establishment in compliance.

34-18-14.1    Issuance of provisional license.

34-18-15    Expiration of license--New license required on change in ownership or location.

34-18-16    Mobile food service license fee.

34-18-17    Temporary food service license--Fee--Food service in connection with special promotions--Duration of license.

34-18-18    Fairs and nonprofit organizations exempt from temporary food service license fee--Health requirements applicable.

34-18-19    Closure order for temporary food service establishment--Operation after closure notice as violation--Refund of license fee.

34-18-20    Nonprofit organizations and alcoholic beverage licensees exempt--Health requirements applicable.

34-18-21    Registration of guests at lodging establishment or campground--Contents and inspection of records.

34-18-21.1    Confidentiality of information obtained through inspection of records.

34-18-21.2    Review of requests for inspection of records.

34-18-22    Health and safety requirements--Procedure for rules and regulations.

34-18-22.1    Fire safety standards for specialty resort with less than ten occupants.

34-18-22.2    Fire safety standards for specialty resort with ten or more occupants.

34-18-22.3    Fire safety standards for vacation home establishments.

34-18-23    Notice to department of construction and alteration of establishments.

34-18-24    Departmental inspections of lodging establishments and campgrounds.

34-18-25    34-18-25. Repealed by SL 2019, ch 147, § 1.

34-18-25.1    Inspection of lodging establishments, campgrounds, food service establishments, and mobile food services--Fee.

34-18-25.2    Refusal to allow inspection--Suspension or revocation proceedings.

34-18-25.3    Inspection of exempt establishments and campgrounds--Scope.

34-18-26    Notice and correction of deficiencies--Closure order on failure to correct deficiency--Injunctive relief.

34-18-26.1    Follow-up inspection--Fee.

34-18-26.2    Expedited follow-up inspection process.

34-18-27    Summary suspension of license on discovery of hazardous condition.

34-18-27.1    Grounds for denial, suspension, or revocation of license.

34-18-27.2    Consideration of new application after correction of conditions.

34-18-27.3    Departmental inspection upon receipt of complaint--Initiation of suspension, revocation or denial proceedings.

34-18-28    Request for hearing on license suspension or revocation or closure order.

34-18-29    34-18-29, 34-18-30. Repealed by SL 1970, ch 199, § 17.

34-18-31    Precedence over other statutes.

34-18-32    Violation of chapter or rules or regulations as misdemeanor--Each day as separate offense.

34-18-33    Severability of provisions.

34-18-34    Farmer's market fresh fruits and vegetables--Licensure exemption.

34-18-35    Sale of homemade foods and food products.

34-18-36    Canned goods––Requirements.

34-18-36.1    Food safety training––Authorized sales.

34-18-37    Label requirements.

34-18-38    Exemption from licensure––Requirements.

34-18-39    Definition of terms--Camping liability--Immunity.

34-18-40    Camping liability--Immunity granted.

34-18-41    Camping liability--Immunity not granted.

34-18-42    Camping liability--Warning mandated.