01    State Department Of Health

02    County Health Board And Superintendent

03    County And District Full-Time Health Departments

03A    Home Health Services

03B    County And Municipal Drug Education Programs

04    County Nurse

05    Disaster Relief And Protective Measures

06    Township Health Administration [Repealed]

07    Hospital Survey And Construction [Repealed]

07A    Certificate Of Need For Health Care Facilities [Repealed]

08    County Hospitals

08A    County And Municipal Loans And Grants For Medical Services

09    Municipal Hospitals

10    Public Hospital Districts

11    Ambulance Service

11A    Ambulance Districts

11B    Regional Emergency Medical Services Authorities [Repealed]

11C    Emergency Medical Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact

12    Regulation Of Hospitals And Related Institutions

12A    Nursing Facility Administrators [Transferred]

12B    Nursing Facility Pharmacies

12C    Health Care Consent Procedures

12D    Living Wills

12E    Disclosure Of Health Care Charges

12F    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Directives

12G    Rural Health Care Recruitment Assistance

12H    Advance Care Planning For Patient With Terminal Condition

12I    Video Or Audio Monitoring In Assisted Living Centers And Nursing Facilities

13    Chiropractic Hospitals [Repealed]

14    Medical Research

14A    Laetrile [Repealed]

15    Medical Quackery [Repealed]

16    Nuisances And Health Hazards

16A    Air Pollution Control [Transferred]

16B    Solid Waste Disposal [Transferred]

16C    Litter Disposal And Control [Transferred]

17    Sanitary Districts Outside Municipalities [Transferred]

18    Health Regulation Of Lodging And Food Service Establishments And Campgrounds

18A    Hamburger And Imitation Hamburger [Repealed]

19    Inspection Of Private Custodial And Educational Institutions [Repealed]

20    Poisons

20A    Treatment And Prevention Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse

20B    Drugs And Substances Control

20C    Civil Liability For Drug Dealers

20D    Products Containing Pseudoephedrine, Ephedrine, Or Phenylpropanolamine

20E    Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

20F    Loose Leaf Incense

20G    Medical Cannabis

20H    Redistribution Of Donated Prescription Drugs And Medical Supplies

21    Radiation And Uranium Resources Exposure Control

21A    Nuclear Waste Disposal [Repealed]

21B    Southwestern Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

21C    Regulation Of Radioactive Waste

22    Contagious Disease Control

23    Venereal Diseases

23A    Performance Of Abortions

23B    Prenatal Education

24    Child Health

24A    Fluoridation Of Water

24B    Blood Donors

24C    Mammograms

25    Vital Records And Burial Permits

26    Custody And Disposition Of Bodies And Body Parts

26A    Crematories And Cremations

27    Cemeteries And Burial Records

28    Safety Hazards In General

29    Fire Prevention [Repealed]

29A    Boiler Safety

29B    Fire Prevention

30    Suppression Of Fire Hazards [Repealed]

31    Fire-Fighting Equipment And Agreements

31A    Rural Fire Protection Districts

32    Fire Investigations And Reports [Repealed]

32A    Exchange Of Fire Loss Information

33    Fire Safety In Public Buildings [Repealed]

34    Fire Safety In Lodging Establishments [Repealed]

34A    Manufactured Home Construction

35    Range And Forest Fire Prevention

35A    Fire Alarms

36    Explosives

37    Fireworks

38    Flammable And Combustible Liquids

39    Liquefied Petroleum Gases

40    Subcutaneous Injection Devices

41    Natural Gas Pipeline Safety [Repealed]

42    Portable Oil-Fueled Heaters

43    Inspection Warrants

44    Asbestos Abatement Training Project

45    Emergency Reporting System

46    Regulation Of Sales And Distribution Of Tobacco Products

47    Emergency Services Districts

48    Assistance Among Public Agencies And Emergency Management Entities

48A    Emergency Management

49    Cigarette Fire Safety Standards

50    Stress Management Services For Emergency Service Providers

51    Investigational Treatments

52    Telehealth Utilization By Health Care Professionals

53    Expenses Arising Out Of Pipeline Construction

54    Primary Care Agreements

55    Heroes Wellness Grants