01    Public Utilities Commission

01A    Public Utilities Commission Gross Receipts Tax Fund

02    Carriers' Powers And Duties In General

03    Carrier Regulation In General [Transferred]

04    Carriers Of Persons [Repealed]

05    Carriers Of Property [Repealed]

06    Carriers Of Messages [Transferred]

07    Right-Of-Way For Carrier Facilities

07A    One-Call Notification System For Excavation Activities

08    Discriminatory, Monopolistic And Coercive Practices Of Carriers [Repealed]

09    Passes Issued By Carriers [Repealed]

10    Carriers' Rates, Fares And Charges [Transferred]

11    Charges By Carriers And Utilities Pending Rate Litigation

12    Connecting Carriers [Repealed]

13    Procedure On Complaints To Public Utilities Commission

14    Rehearings And Appeals From Public Utilities Commission [Repealed]

15    Marine Carriers [Repealed]

16    Railroad Corporations [Repealed]

16A    Intrastate Railroad Regulation

16B    South Dakota Railroad Authority

16C    Railroad Trust Fund

17    State Aid To Railroad Construction And Maintenance

17A    Regional Railroad Authorities

18    Railroad Indebtedness [Repealed]

19    Location And Construction Of Railroads [Repealed]

20    Railroad Right-Of-Way [Repealed]

21    Railroad Service And Accommodations [Repealed]

22    Railroad Sidings And Auxiliary Facilities [Repealed]

23    Railroad Warehouse Sites [Repealed]

24    Railroad Employees [Repealed]

25    Railroad Safety And Warning Devices [Repealed]

26    Railroad Accidents And Property Damage [Repealed]

27    Protection Of Railroad Property [Repealed]

28    Motor Carrier Regulation

28A    Hazardous Material Transportation Safety

29    Express Companies [Repealed]

30    Telephone And Telegraph Corporations

31    Telecommunications Services

32    Telephone, Telegraph And Electric Lines

32A    Television Translator Districts

33    Electric, Street Railway And Gas Corporations

34    Electric, Gas, Water, Heating, Refrigeration And Street Railways Facilities And Service

34A    Gas And Electric Utilities Regulation

34B    Pipeline Safety

35    Consumers Power District Formation

36    Consumers Power District Directors, Officers And Agents

37    Consumers Power District Powers And Operations

38    Consumers Power District Records, Accounts And Reports

39    Consumers Power District Borrowing And Indebtedness

40    Consumers Power District Dissolution And Sale Of Assets

41    Electrical Suppliers [Repealed]

41A    Gas And Electric Consumers Council [Repealed]

41B    Energy Conversion And Transmission Facilities

42    Public Warehouses Generally [Repealed]

42A    Public Storage Warehouses

43    Public Grain Warehouses

44    Grain Inspectors And Weighmasters

45    Grain Buyers

46    Residential Conservation Of Energy

47    Stray Electrical Current And Voltage Remediation