01    State Administration Of Motor Vehicles

02    Division Of Highway Patrol

03    Title Registration, Liens And Transfers

03A    Title, Registration And Taxation Of Boats

04    Theft And Misappropriation Of Vehicles

05    Annual Registration And License Plates

05A    County Wheel Tax

05B    Excise Tax On Motor Vehicles

06    Dealers' And Manufacturers' Licenses And Permits [Repealed]

06A    Passenger Vehicle Dealer Franchises [Repealed]

06B    Regulation Of Vehicle Dealers

06C    Regulation Of Snowmobile Dealers

06D    Manufacturer's Warranty

06E    Regulation Of Snowmobile Franchising Agreements

07    Dealers And Manufacturers Of House Trailers And Coaches [Repealed]

07A    Dealers And Manufacturers Of Manufactured Homes And Mobile Homes

07B    Regulation Of Boat Dealers

08    Dealers And Manufacturers Of Trailers And Semitrailers [Repealed]

09    Commercial Motor Vehicle Certificates

10    Interstate Reciprocity And Proportional Registration Of Fleets

11    Motor Vehicle Funds

12    Driver Licenses And Permits

12A    Commercial Drivers Licenses And Permits

13    Highway Safety Program

14    Traffic Regulation Generally

15    Vehicle And Accessory Specifications

15A    Vehicle Equipment Regulation [Repealed]

16    Interstate Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact [Repealed]

17    Vehicle Lights And Flares

18    Brakes And Brake Fluid

19    Wheels, Tires, And Special Vehicles

20    Motorcycle Regulation

20A    Snowmobile Operation

20B    Bicycle Regulation

21    Motor Vehicle Inspection

22    Weight, Size And Load Restrictions

23    Driving Under The Influence

24    Reckless And Unsafe Driving

25    Speed Regulation

26    Rules Of The Road

27    Pedestrians' Rights And Duties

28    Traffic Control Devices

29    Required Stops

30    Stopping And Parking Restrictions

31    Emergency Vehicles

32    School Buses

33    Apprehension And Prosecution Of Violators

34    Accidents And Accident Reports

35    Financial Responsibility Of Vehicle Owners And Operators

36    Abandoned, Derelict And Junk Motor Vehicles And Scrap Metals

37    Child Passenger Restraint System

38    Safety Belt System Usage In Passenger Vehicles

39    Compensation Of Agricultural Equipment Dealers

40    Transportation Network Companies

41    Automated Motor Vehicles